Eclipse Coffee

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While most of our coffees thrive on the lighter side of roasting, there is a culture dedicated to the dark side. The traditional European style of coffee is still prevalent in many parts of the world and we honor this by crafting Eclipse —Onyx Coffee Lab's most developed offering. 

Dark roast. One of the few coffees that they can place squarely within a roast level, Eclipse is dark enough to block out the sun... Or perhaps just the acidity prevalent in most modern roasts. This coffee is traditionally roasted just past peak sweetness to curb any acidity, while the long development creates a heavy body and deeply toasted sugars. Reminiscent of the dark and syrupy European coffees that you slammed back during your study abroad program, Eclipse pairs well with dairy when prepared as a filter or espresso. While the terroir of the coffee takes a backseat to the roast level, they still apply their stringent sourcing standards to Eclipse. We blind cup through hundreds of coffees and select coffees from Latin America that they believe will stand up to the heavy development of a traditional roast while still maintaining sweetness.