White chocolate bar with sprinkles next to packaging featuring ornate cake with woman stuck in it.
Champagne Chocolate Bar with gold champagne packaging.
Cookie butter chocolate bar packaging that feature an ombre design that goes from blue to purple to pink to orange to yellow.
Red box with gold stars and gold frame. Extra dark hot cocoa written in the middle . The compartes logo in middle top. Spilled hot cocoa on the top of box.
Emerald green box with gold accents on the front. Box reads "Luxury Hot Cocoa" with Compartes logo near the top in the center. Hot cocoa powder displayed on top of the box
Compartes Old Hollywood Chocolate Bar with Black and gold art deco packaging
compartes peanut butter & jelly chocolate bar packages in brown and pink swirl covered box.
Peanut Butter Cup Chocolate Bar in orange and black tiger stripe packaging on white background.
Chocolate bar in pink packaging with abstract brush strokes on it.
Blue box with gold stars and gold frame. White Chocolate hot cocoa written  in the center. Logo Compartes written in the top. With spilled cocoa on the top.