Cylindrical bath balm packaging in white and blue, with a blue bath balm to the right.
light pink champagne and rose shower steamers. packaging is a box with a. pink heart on the left hand side and waves of color ranging from cream, pink, orange, and red
light green and blue abstract pattern on both the container and packaging of the coconut milk & fig hand cream. box is to the left of the tube for the hand cream
Blue box of shower steamers on white background.
dancing queen baht bomb wrapped in orange tissue paper next to an unwrapped dancing queen bath bomb
Image shows the packing of the Unicorn Bath Bomb to the left, at a slight slant with the side showing which reads "Do you believe in magic?" and the blue, pink and white bath bomb to the right.
A purple spherical bath bomb to the left of white and purple cylindrical packaging that reads "musee Dreamweaver Sleep Bath Balm" photographed on white background.
Bag of bath salts with purple + orange + pink art work
Shower steamer box with green background and blue clouds. The box is open and shows two shower steamers within and two outside of the box.
Hot pink tissue paper for bath bomb with a pin and white tag with black text that reads "forever & always". Actual bath bomb is pink with a gold accent stripe at the top
Pink box of soap bar with gold foil writing reading "Glow from within"
happy birthday bath bomb where the top half is white with confetti and the bottom half is pink. next to it is a wrapped bath bomb in pink tissue paper
Shower steamer packaging with stripes across the from in Blue, purple, red, pink, and yellow. Gold text that reads "Happy Birthday to You Shower Steamers- 4ct" Box is slightly opened to show shower steamers inside that are wrapped in white paper
White Cylinder with white lid and gold bottom with blue bath bomb to the right
shades of purple in an abstract pattern on lavender & lime hand cream. Picture shows tube of hand cream with white cap next to box with matching pattern
set of shower lavender and lime purple shower steamers. Box  has pink and purple shapes on it
Peppermint & Rosemary shower steamer box opened showing the white tissue wrapped shower steamers. Box is white with pink , green, red diagonal stripes
Yellow box of soap with Gold Foil reading RADIATE Joy
light orange bath bomb next to white tissue paper wrapped tupelo honey bath bomb
Blue Box with slid out drawer with round shower steamers coming out of the box
Image shows the multicolored bath bomb on the left (pink, orange and yellow stripes) and the yellow tissue paper packaging to the right. There is a tag that states: "Musee. You Are My Sunshine. Bath Balm"
pink bath bomb with a yellow accent on the top. next to it is the cylinder container that has a white lid and coral pink color at the bottom