Flat Items

Green spiral notebook with colorful floral elements outlines in gold foil.
Gold semi-circle package for eye masks on fabric background.
Petite CZ Bracelet on wrist with other bracelets
Poppy Pearl Bracelet on wrist with other bracelets
Stone Infant Cozy Sock Set on white background
Small notebook with periwinkle background and pink and white hydrangea flowers. The second notebook is green with blue wavy lines and small dots.
Circular iridescent packing of Diamond eye gels.
Le Pens // Blue // BUILD A BOXFOX
52 Lists for Kids book opened to List 41, showing lists of favorite activities for each season of the year.
Packet of Craftmix Strawberry Mule being poured into copper Moscow mule mug with strawberry and mint garnish.
Green square packaging for Karuna Collagen mask.
Gold face mask packaging that reads "HONEY NOURISHING LAPCOS"
Four blue bullet pens on white background.
Milo Weekly Planner | Light Gray Grid on leather couch
photo of the velvet tea sachet. the velvet tea sachet features black, purple, and red lines across the front of the packaging. it is laying on a white background.
Wine style book on white marble background.
compartes peanut butter & jelly chocolate bar packages in brown and pink swirl covered box.
colette pocket notebooks (2) on a white surface. one dark toned notebook with flowers and one light toned notebook with flower pattern.
Ritual Chocolate bar in blue packaging and silver writing that says "Mid Mountain blend 70% Cacao"
Image shows the cover to the ABC board book. The A has an alligator in it, the B a bird and C a cloud.
packet of mint mojito drink mix
8 reusable bamboo cotton makeup rounds laying on a tan colored mesh bag against a white marble background
A black wine opener being used to open a bottle of red wine..
A gold Mielle wine opener laying on a wooden table next to a clear glass of water.
BABE Drink Pouch on white background
Hand holding "bride" drink pouch.
A black woman with beige tote bag on shoulder that reads, "I am 100% recycled from plastic bottles" in light blue text
Blue Stasher bag filled with essentials and surrounded by girly things.
BLUE SNACK SIZE REUSABLE BAG on white background
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