Barrier Repair Cloud Cream

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 A fast-absorbing, ultra-hydrating, non-greasy body cream great for daily use on all skintypes. Rapidly hydrates and protects skin barrier. 

Made with our Triple Barrier Repair Complex - Peptides to moisturize and
strengthen your skin barrier, South African Resurrection Plant extract to rapidly increase hydration and a special form of hyaluronic acid to retain moisture.

Dermatologist-recommended. Great for all skin types.

Ugandan Vanilla + Ethiopian Honey scent

Peptides - Supports a healthy skin barrier & collagen production

South African Resurrection Plant - Prevents water loss & rapidly hydrates skin

Sodium hyaluronate - Draws in moisture, increasing skin hydration

Ethiopian Tree Flower Honey - Attracts moisture and locks it into the skin

Shea Butter - Full of fatty acids & vitamins that seal in moisture & soften skin

*by selecting this item, you are supporting BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color)-owned businesses! Christina Funke Tegbe founded this African beauty brand through inspiration from her Nigerian aunt who introduced her to shea butter from Nigeria, sparking her interest to share this with the world. The name 54 Thrones represents Africa's 54 countries.